USPS® CASS™ and Presort software for z/OS Mainframes

Anchor Software offers USPS Certified Products that operate on IBM Mainframe computers. Previously, there was a single provider of Postal Processing and Address Standardization for Mainframe Users.  Anchor's successful Mainframe products include USPS CASS Certified Batch and CICS capabilities and PAVE™ Gold certified presort capabilities. MaxCASS OS and MaxPresort (for Mainframe) are used by Fortune 1,000 companies.

Organization wide initiatives to consistently improve service, consolidate vendors, and lower operating costs, were the driving forces behind Anchor Software’s reason for developing its IBM Mainframe solutions, which includes support for CICS.

Anchor Software first certified MaxCASS OS for use on IBM Mainframes in 2006, and, since that time, it has continued to deliver new and more powerful IBM Mainframe solutions for address correction, standardization and change-of-address processing. Those capabilities provide for dramatic increases in overall production speed and the flexibility to seamlessly expand production capacity. Technical information about this software can be found in our MaxCASS OS for Mainframe technical information sheet.

For many years there were no alternatives to Pitney Bowes’ Code-1 Plus and Finalist address standardization software on IBM MVS, z/VSE and os/390 systems. The increasing demand for a choice by members of the Mainframe community helped to shape the current suite of Mainframe offerings by Anchor Software. Organization wide initiatives to consistently improve service, consolidate vendors, and lower operating costs, were the driving forces behind Anchor Software’s reason for developing its IBM Mainframe solutions.

Coupled with Anchor Software’s unparalleled technical support, these new products are in the forefront of applications for the future. Numerous organizations have evaluated Anchor Software’s Mainframe products by performing benchmarks and the resulting conclusions are that there is no loss in functionality and all results are consistent with the existing systems. 

MaxCASS OS Lookup Tool for CICS 

The MaxCASS OS Lookup tool for CICS provides real-time address matching and database inquiry functionality in an interactive environment. The address matching function allows users to match an input address against the postal data files.  

Return codes can be analyzed to determine the actions taken to make a match, or determine the reason for an unsuccessful match attempt, helping users better understand why an address is incorrect.

CICS Lookup Capabilities

  • Cities in a state or ZIP Code™
  • ZIP Codes in a city
  • Streets in a ZIP Code or city
  • Address ranges for a specified street in a ZIP Code or city
  • Firms in a ZIP Code or city

Related Product

MaxCASS OS is Anchor's new CASS Certified solution for address correction and standardization. It includes all of the functionality of MaxCASS, with DPV®, LACSLink®and SuiteLink®, as well as NCOALink®, ANKLink®, DSF2®, and RDI™ options. MaxCASS OS works on a new table driven system, so USPS updates and program upgrades are easier, and a new GUI allows users to work in a fully customizable, drag-and-drop environment. Using MaxCASS OS is an easier way to maintain the most complete, correct and current addresses possible. 


MaxMover is a USPS NCOALink certified software interface that corrects mailing lists with regularly updated change-of-address information supplied by the USPS. It is fully compliant with all USPS regulations and it permits organizations to update their mailing lists and databases in the most efficient way possible. 


MaxPresort OS is PAVE Gold certified to support all classes of mail and is PAVE certified for palletization, as well as MAC Batch certified for the USPS Manifest Mailing System for multi-weight presorts. MaxPresort OS is easier to use, simplifies product maintenance, better supports quick implementation of Postal Service regulations, and supports Anchor Software's open systems strategy. MaxPresort OS is a table-driven system, and has a new GUI with the latest innovations and design functions, including sliding screens, custom backgrounds, and scalable icons.