Address Quality and Deduplication for SAP

Anchor Software uniquely offers a SAP Certified "Plug and Play" Address Quality and Deduplication capability that was developed specifically for SAP R/3, SAP ERP, SAP CRM, and SAP NetWeaver.  These capabilities have been used by many of the largest companies in the US and Worldwide for many years.  This address quality functionality is available for over 240 countries. The products are necessary and essential to assure that addresses are accurate and records are not duplicated.

The support of the customers is a central concern of strategic business planning with regard to market transparency and the interchangeability of products and services. Efficient customer orientation and comprehensive information management are therefore indispensable when it comes to gaining decisive competitive advantages; as such high-quality data and information preparation plays an increasingly important role in strengthening corporate performance and value creation. This particularly applies to the professional administration and maintenance of address information because these are the linchpins of any customer and market relationship.

With its open application concept, mySAP Business Suite supports the integration of Anchor Software’s external complementary software solutions. As a result, the addresses of prospective customers, customers, suppliers or partners administered in mySAP Business Suite can be optimally managed and kept “up-to-date”.

Related Products

Validates postal addresses using various error-tolerant algorithms and extensive reference tables to ensure that those records with valid postal codes, street names and house numbers are used. Address validation is available for more than 240 countries worldwide. 


Uses error-tolerant search techniques to identify, retrieve and eliminate duplicate name-and-address records using Phonetic Matching and Fuzzy Logic for your entire database with the ability to include additional elements such as Confidence codes with search results and the ability to prioritize and grade the relevant elements of your comparisons. 


The DQ Batch Suite integrates important and typical function sequences for data cleansing into a batch process. Customer data-related function blocks such as address conversion, postal validation, and GeoCoding are available as expert systems in 240+ country-specific program versions. The system supports the interactive definition of cleansing processes and the configuration of individual processing steps via a Graphical User Interface (GUI). Defined process flows can also be started and monitored via the GUI. The DQ Batch Suite is the hub of all cleansing projects as a software-supported assistant for the definition and control of batch processes.  All process definitions as well as the status of the running processes can be directly controlled via the GUI.