AnchorCoder Address Verification and Correction API

Address Verification and Correction API

Address quality is important for any organization where customer data is collected and shared across the organization through multiple touch points. Data may be collected through data imports, web interfaces, call center interfaces, contract administration, accounting, sales and marketing, point-of-sales, or other means. Customer data is an asset, and in many cases will ultimately be used for outbound communication, inbound identification, and business decision making. Given the nature and importance of these types of activities to most organizations, address quality is an important part of operations. 

Address quality ensures the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of address data across the whole enterprise through custom application and packaged enterprise software applications. This helps organizations better communicate with customers, constituents, prospects, employees, and partners. 

AnchorCoder is a callable Application Programming Interface (API) that can be integrated into a multitude of applications from fat clients to thin clients, data entry, web interfaces, and even phone apps. The AnchorCoder API is used to verify and correct addresses in real time or via micro-batch processing using the United States Postal Service® (USPS) Address Information System (AIS) databases. This callable API easily integrates with most applications that run on virtually any hardware platform. Optional add-on modules instantly ensure greater mail deliverability, improved bottom line performance and provides valuable customer data. Optional modules include: DPV®, LACSLink®, SuiteLink®, RDI™, and DSF2®.

AnchorCoder can help improve the deliverability of your mail piece by matching the incoming address or your entire file against the most current USPS databases. The USPS data is updated monthly and contains ZIP Code®,  city/state, street names, and address ranges for all residential and commercial addresses. The accuracy of the address data improves your deliverability, which translates into lower costs and a higher level of customer satisfaction through successful communications.

AnchorCoder can be used with most of your current applications via a direct API call, or as a cross platform language independent Web Service call. The flexibility of the Web Service allows for transactions per second (TPS) to be scalable to your needs. Whether you need an in-house installation or a SaaS hosted environment, we have solutions to fit your needs.


Key Features

The AnchorCoder API (Application Programming Interface) uses a ZIP+4 processing library that interfaces with the following USPS products: ZIP+4, DPB/DSF2, LACSLink, SuiteLink, EWS, eLOT®,RDI, Z4Change.

Internal systems working with clean data reduces the need to address cleansing later in the processes - removing redundant processing.

Address issues can be resolved at the time of entry.

Ensures timely customer communications due to the accurate address information.

Integration into departmental or enterprise applications.

Can be integrated with commercial off the shelf third-party applications

The primary function of the AnchorCoder is to take an input address, perform a lookup in the USPS ZIP+4 and City/ State databases, and return back a corrected, standardized address with an assigned USPS ZIP+4 code. The Coder is fully CASS compliant.

The AnchorCoder is currently supported on the following platforms: 

  • Microsoft Windows, 32-bit and 64-bit Intel CPUs
  • Sun Solaris, 32- bit and 64-bit SPARC CPUs
  • Linux, 32- bit and 64-bit Intel CPUs
  • HP-UX, 64-bit Itanium CPU
  • AIX, PowerPC CPU
  • IBM Mainframe MVS (Batch and CICS) and VSE (CICS only)
  • On Windows, UNIX, and UNIX-like systems, the AnchorCoder is distributed as a DLL or shared library, with ‘C’ header files. On the IBM Mainframe, the AnchorCoder is distributed as a load module with COBOL and Assembler copybooks.