In the light of steadily increasing competition, successful customer management has become a major challenge for almost every business organization today. Multi-channel marketing and new media are changing the nature of communication with the customer. As the differentiation between products continues to narrow, an improved service level will often be the only way to gain a competitive edge. To do so, customer relationship processes and business operations need to be adapted to these new requirements; the decisive issue being to communicate with the customer individually and to address him personally. Addresses become the key to this success and the determining factor for the Customer Lifetime Value.

Simple and Efficient Solution 

With post, it is easy to smooth the way to the customer. post reliably checks, corrects, and updates all postal relevant address elements in a highly fault-tolerant manner. Potential difficulties such as misheard words, missed keystrokes, reading or spelling errors are automatically corrected by the system in an interactive fashion. This module can easily be integrated into your system environment and it is available for all current platforms. Running as a background process, it is a valuable and efficient assistant, regardless of the foreground application. 

For a non-recurring or initial processing of large address files in batch mode, post is also available as sequential solution. 

Application Fields 

post is an absolute necessity for companies with significant customer databases or frequent customer contacts, for example within call centers or proactive departments such as sales and customer care. With post, user errors can be avoided right from the point where addresses are entered. Even customer addresses entered via the Internet in e-commerce applications can be instantly checked and validated! As sequential tool, it can be used for batch data cleansing tasks and continuous address maintenance. post is particularly well-suited for preparing bulk mailings for Marketing and Advertising. Amongst other benefits, using post will enable you to avoid delayed, misdirected, returned and/or duplicated mail. This in turn will result in higher levels of reliability, a better image as well as savings in time and cost, thus setting up the foundations for a customer-oriented/personalized activities in one-on-one marketing.


Key Features

  • Available for both interactive applications and sequential mass processing tasks.
  • Achieves maximal hit rates using intelligent search and analysis methods.
  • High integration capability ensures maximum protection of investment.
  • Supports all current platforms and a wide selection of client interfaces.
  • Multiple country-specific expert systems, which are constantly being extended.
  • Certified by the national post offices (with the exception of the US version)  in all countries in which the postal authorities offer this.
  • Postal code, place name and street name are checked and corrected against continuously researched reference databases.
  • Regular table update service ensures the knowledge base is up-to-date.
  • Serves as basis for customer specific geomarketing applications using the GeoCoding module.