mail eliminates duplicate records within the mySAP Business Suite and will improve the quality of databases as a direct user dialog or batch application, and is an enterprise-wide duplicate identification tool that provides quality data feeds to the SAP database for error free customer and vendor communications.

International Solution 

mail is available as a “plug & play” online component directly integrated into the Business Address Service (BAS) without any application development for mySAP CRM, mySAP Fin, mySAP ERP, SD, MM, IS-M, and IS-U, or outside BAS in custom components, Add-ons, or web IC Web client, Web-GUI, or PC UI. 

Integration Concepts 

SAP's open application concept supports the integration of mail -- to identify and eliminate duplicate addresses of prospects, customers, suppliers, and partners that are managed in SAP R/3, mySAP ERP, mySAP CRM and SAP NetWeaver.


mail Key Features

  • mail uses error tolerant search techniques to identify, retrieve and eliminate duplicate name and address records using fuzzy logic and phonetic matching.  mail is SAP Certified for integration based on SAP standards. It finds duplicates, even if they were stored incorrectly or if inquiries contain errors.
  • mail is an automated procedure, which is used prior to adding or modifying any record in the database. Users initially define the business rules for duplicate matching. Each potential duplicate record is scored based on the likelihood of being a duplicate as new records are entered.