MaxPresort OS

PAVE™ Gold-certified software solution,  that provides postage discounts offered by the USPS® for bulk mailings by presorting your mail.

SmartBarcode Mgr

This easy-to-use, all-in-one USPS® Intelligent Mail® barcode solution supports both the Basic- and Full-Service Options.


CASS™ Certified software solution for standardizing USPS® delivery addresses and updating mailing lists and customer databases.


A paperless PAF system that streamlines all aspects of the PAF process.

Anchor Solutions

This video highlights various offerings by Anchor Software for all your address quality & mail preparation needs.

Post-Presort Webinar

This is a 30 minute webinar that discuss what to do with your files after they have been presorted.

Professional Services

We have a team of experts who are ready to assist you with all of Anchor's solutions and services. 

Update Anchor_ID

This video provides step by step assistance in how to update your Anchor_ID environment variable.

Solution Platforms

This video provides a listing of all the available platforms to run our solutions on.