Deceased/Prison Suppression

Ensure that business as well as consumer databases and mailing lists are accurately maintained at the highest possible level by removing inappropriate addresses.

The Deceased Suppression System gives access to over 60 million records of deceased individuals so unwanted mail is prevented from being delivered. Every 3 months the list is updated making it one of the most current and accurate Deceased Suppression alternatives available today.

The Prison Suppression File is a comprehensive list of 25,000 Federal Prisons, State Prisons, County Correctional Facilities, and City Jails across the United States. The list is compiled from records obtained from correctional departments, probation and parole authorities making the file a valuable asset in eliminating risky and unprofitable prospects from your mailing list.

These systems are utilized to eliminate inappropriate records from lists and databases. The Deceased File contains over 60 million records of deceased individuals that are derived from the Social Security Administration’s Death Masterfile and other reliable sources; the Prison File contains over 25,000 federal, state, and local prisons and detention centers.


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