Keep Your Ship Steady With Anchor Software

Keep Your Ship Steady With Anchor Software

These are challenging times we’re living in right now. The last few weeks have put all of us in uncharted waters and maybe even feeling like we’re navigating turbulent seas. Your business is in flux due to any number of conditions and restrictions beyond your control. These are times when you should be able to look to your partners for a feeling of stability and security in how they can help you through these choppy waters.

Anchor Software has been Anchor Software for our entire 21-year history, and we’re proud to say we’ve had the same owner for that entire time. We’ve never been bought, never been sold, never changed our name. Over half our current staff has been here the entire 21 years – including our President - with others very close to that mark themselves. If you look up “stable” in the dictionary, you’re going to see an Anchor logo there!

In this very challenging time, Anchor prepared, planned and executed. We implemented our Business Continuity Plan, including recommended CDC guidelines and various Federal, State and Local Government mandates. We seamlessly executed that plan and transitioned over 95% of our staff to the current “work-from-home” model while still maintaining our production services and SaaS environment - all in an effort to maintain our objective: Keeping our employees, their families, our customers and our partners safe while establishing and supporting our motto during this time - “Business as Usual”.

Anchor offers a full suite of USPS®-certified software for address hygiene, move update and presorting along with tried-and-true solutions for data management, duplicate identification, and high-speed/high-volume printing. Our software runs on Windows, UNIX, Linux, and IBM Mainframe z/OS platforms and can be supported on-premise or managed in the cloud. In addition, we offer 24x7x365 Technical Support at no additional cost!

If you feel your ship rocking a bit too much for your liking, give Anchor a call and find out how we can help steady things out for you. From replacing your existing software, providing backup processing or processing client files for you, we are here and ready to assist. 

Take your first step to calmer waters by contacting Anchor Software at 1-800-237-1921.

Bon Voyage!

- Anchor Software





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