How to Personalize your Marketing Materials

Today, people are more sensitive than ever to being marketed to. And yet, marketing is also more rampant than ever because companies have developed more sophisticated techniques for reaching their base and new customers.

The best marketing campaigns are the ones that can be memorable without being annoying. Marketers want to put a lot of research into following their buyers’ journeys and utilizing every step as a leveraging point for communicating their product solution.

Certain marketing techniques can be adopted across the board to help build a more successful marketing campaign; here are our favorite tips:

Give Face to the Talent Lifting the Organization

People want to see the human faces behind the product, who are driving the organization. More than that, people want to see that the company’s values align with their own. By showing the real people involved in the company, customers can get a sense of the values and culture of the company.

When people feel confident that the company espouses values that align with their own, they will be more likely to buy and even endorse the product.

Work with More Dynamic and Diverse Customer Personas

When building a buyer’s journey, it is important to consider a more dynamic and diverse set of personalities. Many buyer’s journey studies only take into account very flat, generalized personalities, and these are the studies that miss out on innumerable marketing possibilities.

Use Variable Data Printing to Add Personal Details to Your Marketing

You store a lot of information about your customer, and you can use that data in your marketing materials to make it a more personal experience. It can start with addressing the customer by name, like starting out the message with “Dear Fred”. But it can go beyond that. You can reference where the customer works, or what neighborhood or development they live in. You might also reference a recent purchase, or event they attended with suggestions for products or events they might also like.

By adding details that are specific to your customer, you make the customer feel like there’s a deeper connection. This leads to more sales and more success in your business.

Be Both Cool and Warm

As previously noted, companies that market their product with too much force will receive pushback from target audiences. Design a campaign that does not suggest neediness but still expresses warmth and friendliness.


Market to different industries and piggyback on the marketing of others through partnerships. Many brands are finding that by collaborating and teaming up, they are able to double their audiences by leveraging each other’s viewers.

Emphasize Discovery

For the most part, people only look into new products when they have a problem or issue that needs solving. Nobody spends their free time researching vacuums unless they actually need one.

Prioritize methods of getting your product in front of customers in a way that isn’t hard advertising and does not require a keyword search. This can involve product placements, influencer advertising, and brand x brand cross-pollination.


Building a successful marketing campaign is integral to introducing your product or service to new clients and customers. For this reason, teaming up with seasoned marketing allies like Anchor Computer Software is key to increasing your sales and growing your brand. For more information, reach out to us at Anchor Computer Software today.


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