Using Software to Manage Package Distribution

Package delivery for retail and e-commerce can be extremely challenging to organize, even on a small scale. This is why having the right distribution logistics software can truly optimize your process.

Route optimization is one of the most complicated aspects of distribution logistics. By sending deliveries through sub-optimal routes, both time and money are being wasted. This can also be a drain on customer satisfaction.

Luckily, having the right software can help solve some of these issues.


Address Validation Software

So many parcels miss the mark and are returned to sender due to incorrect address information. This leads to longer wait times and dissatisfaction on the part of the actual recipient.

Worse even, many packages every year are lost due to incorrect address information.

With address validation software such as Delivery Point Validation (DVP) or CASS, businesses can rest easier knowing that addresses have been validated and that they’re real, existing addresses.

Moreover, businesses can also employ the Residential Delivery Indicator (RDI) to determine if an address is residential or commercial. This can make a big difference as commercial addresses will be closed at certain times and on certain days. As well, different buildings will have different package delivery procedures to ensure the package arrives safely in the right hands.

Perhaps the best benefit of all is that with the right software and automation, packages can be tracked in-house at all times. That way, if there’s ever any dispute, companies know exactly what went awry.



Route Planning

One of the fastest ways by which route planning is derailed is by having incorrect delivery point information.

By using geocoding and reverse geocoding technology, regular addresses can be turned into latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates. This information can lead to a massive improvement in a company’s ability to plot logistics for mapping distribution as efficiently as possible.

It can also be helpful to use this technology to track deliveries in order to make improvements based on priority stops, the number of drivers, time constraints, and average time per stop.


What Makes the Best Delivery Software?

The best package distribution software must also be easily integrated into existing systems so that the different processes can communicate for further optimization.

With Anchor Computer Software solutions, all of our delivery technology is developed to take the hassle out of making better distribution strategies. Feel free to give us a call today to find out how we can help.



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