CASS™ Certified software solution for standardizing USPS® delivery addresses and updating mailing lists and customer databases.

Address Verification

Improves the deliverability of your mail piece by matching the incoming address or your entire file against the most current USPS ZIP + 4 database.

CASS Cycle O Webinar

Cycle O goes into effect in August of 2023. Get the information you need to for when you transition to the new system.


A solution that is designed to help further reduce UAA mail.


A robust address quality web service solution on the Amazon Cloud.


Provides easy access to address quality wherever data is collected.

AddressPro Demo

This video showcases the AddressPro product and how easy it is to obtain updated address quality data.

Buy AddressPro

This video explains how to find AddressPro on the Amazon Web Service network.

Anchor Gateway

A new job service that provides address services, including DSF, AAE/APT, Deceased Suppression, MaxCOA, and NCOALink® 48-month.

Anchor Solutions

This video highlights various offerings by Anchor Software for all your address quality & mail preparation needs.

Update the Anchor_ID

This video provides step by step assistance in how to update your Anchor_ID environment variable.

Solution Platforms

This video provides a listing of all the available platforms to run our solutions on. 

Professional Services

We have a team of experts who are ready to assist you with all of Anchor's solutions and services. 

Unique Zip Codes

Unique ZIP Codes

USPS Unique ZIP Codes and how they are applied within our address hygiene process.  This episode discusses what a unique ZIP Code really is.

Unique ZIP Code - U1

CASS Footnote Code U1 - Unique ZIP Code Match. This Footnote code identifies when an address falls within a unique ZIP Code.

Unique ZIP Code - A5

CASS Footnote code A5 – Unique ZIP+4 Default Code Returned as part of our multi-part series about Unique ZIP Codes.

Unique ZIP Code - AU

CASS Footnote code AU – Unique ZIP default Information Returned as part of our multi-part series about Unique ZIP Codes.

Unique ZIP Code - AQ

CASS Footnote code AQ – Unique ZIP record match that returns data from the input addon as part of our multi-part series about Unique ZIP Codes.