Direct Vs Digital

Direct Vs Digital


Direct Mail Marketing vs. Digital 

Direct mail marketing and digital marketing are both long-trusted methods of getting useful brand information for people, encouraging them to make concise purchase decisions. While digital marketing has increased with continued technological innovation, direct marketing is very much a valued resource, despite being the more traditional option. 

Direct mail marketing still gets out to a lot of people, and you’d be surprised how much it works compared to its digital counterpart. Plus, you should use both so you can grab hold of prospective consumers or people interested in relatable content. 

Direct Mail Marketing Gets Better Responses and Sales

Though digital marketing may get out more mail, average workers get well over 100 emails daily. With that said, that doesn’t guarantee that people are reading them in earnest. Email users are checking their emails at considerably fewer rates than in years past, perhaps because they are tired of keeping track of how much mail they get.

Direct mail marketing generates response rates that are 30 times better than email responses. Campaigns are also likelier to drive optimal sales performances while also being 40% likelier to deliver high-quality levels of acquisition. 

Direct Mail is More Convenient 

You would think the internet would make mailing considerably easier. After all, people see thousands of emails daily via digital marketing, and more businesses are using social media for advertising. However, several people have expressed how overwhelmed they are by the constant emails they receive, affecting work productivity and focus as well. 

People feel more valued when they receive physical mail in their mailbox that they can touch and feel, creating more solid two-way relationships between marketers and targeted consumers. Direct mail generally produces more positive reactions, especially personal letters and cards with wording that makes prospective consumers feel special.

Additionally, people regularly read and scan mail each day, finding it more convenient than opening and reading emails online. 

Combining The Two Works To Your Benefit 

While direct mail has a more profound impact, both direct and digital means have their benefits. Combining them will boost your outreach ability and show your savvy both as a traditional and an online marketer. 

Conversion rates are around 40% when you merge these methods. Plus most marketers admit increased website traffic thanks to such a merger. 

Direct mail marketing doesn’t just have a purpose, it’s still the stronger alternative for people looking to market their products and services. For all your mailing, software, and parcel delivery needs, Anchor Software can carry you to better experiences. Contact us today or sign up for our monthly newsletter below.




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