Are You Tired Of Your Mailing Addresses Not Being Up To Date? Try MaxMover A USPS® Certified NCOALink® Change Of Address Software!

Bad data WILL cost your organization money. One of the most common sources of bad data is address data—postal address data goes bad naturally, simply because up to 12% of Americans move every year. The larger your mailing lists, the greater the amount of postal data that will spoil in your database each year. And returned mail costs your organization money, whether through wasted printing, returned mail, or USPS penalties.

But bad data from customers moving is easily correctable. MaxMover is a USPS NCOALink certified software interface that corrects mailing lists with regularly updated change-of-address information supplied by the USPS. It is fully compliant with all USPS regulations and it permits organizations to update their mailing lists and databases in the most efficient way possible.

The USPS has certified MaxMover for use with both the 48-month and 18-month COA databases, and all three NCOALink license options: Full-Service, Providers, Limited-Service  Providers, and End User Mailers.

NCOA processing returns valuable data on when a person or family has moved and changed their postal address

Key Features