The Guide to Holiday Marketing for Shippers

The Guide to Holiday Marketing for Shippers

For e-commerce and B2B companies, the holiday season is one of the most hectic, yet most successful parts of the year. Revenue significantly increases and employees are working overtime to fulfill orders.

As people scramble to buy gifts for their loved ones, courier and delivery services are also working overtime to ensure that every parcel is delivered before Christmas Day.

With the main question asked by consumers being ‘when will my parcel arrive,’ there is huge pressure for shipping companies to keep customers happy by delivering their packages, parcels, letters and cards on time.

When it comes to the holiday season, finding a great marketing strategy can make things much simpler for an e-commerce business. Customers are actively searching for products to buy, more so than any other time of the year. So, as an online merchant or even a brick and mortar company, it’s your time to shine!

Prepare Early

One of the best ways to set yourself up for success is being well prepared. Consumers are shopping earlier and earlier each year for their Christmas gifts, so it’s never too early to start your preparation.

Start thinking about how you’re going to operate during the busy holiday season several months prior. By sorting out all of the finer details beforehand, it can reduce the risks of logistical errors.

Focus On Your Unique Qualities

Customers have a range of different companies to choose from. Your holiday marketing efforts need to focus on what makes you different from all of the other merchants out there. Why should customers choose to purchase their Christmas gifts from you as opposed to your competitors? Are you offering free delivery or next day service? What is your return policy?

Setup Your Customer Services

Around 70% of customers agree that they are less likely to use or recommend a service or product that they have had a bad experience with. Often, these bad experiences are caused by damaged packaging, late delivery, or failure to deliver to a safe location.

While these scenarios are sometimes unavoidable, you can lessen the severity of any negative consequences by focusing on great customer service.

When your customer support team is able to resolve any issues and react to consumers’ concerns in a timely manner, it leaves a great lasting impression. You can strengthen your reputation as a reliable and trustworthy postal service, and you can gain new customers through positive word of mouth.


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