Customer Data Management In Marketing and Sales

Customer data management software can give a true 360° view of your customer  and synchronize databases and prevent data fragmentation.

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

In January of 2020 California instituted new protections for consumers who are concerned about their personal data. Any company that stored data on California residents could be affected by the new law, which includes fines and penalties for non-compliance. .

Reverse Geocoding in Mobile Apps and Marketing

Smartphone apps and mobile marketing are becoming the platform of choice for many companies today. As a result, knowing where your customers are becomes very important.  A crucial piece of any location strategy is reverse geocoding, or using the spatial coordinates of the mobile device to identify nearby addresses and businesses. In this white paper, we give you all the background you'll need to consider whether reverse geocoding from Anchor makes sense for your mobile marketing strategy.

Last Mile Issues

The last mile plays a critical role in supply chain management, especially for e-commerce home deliveries. In addition to making sure your customers receive their merchandise, “last-mile” delivery— the final section of the supply chain when products are delivered to the home— is a crucial part of the value proposition of e-commerce and package delivery companies.

Address Quality

Capturing and maintaining quality address data on your customers and prospects may seem difficult. But failure to do so could cost your organization a significant amount of money. 

Golden Records in Customer Data Management

Learn how employing Golden Records to manage your customer data can help your business.

Multi- and Omni-Channel Marketing

Today’s customers are hungry for information, price conscious, and flexible. To be able to give a particular customer a suitable offer in his preferred channel and at the right time an all-encompassing view is necessary. Use Smart Customer MDM to take control of Omni-Channel Marketing!

Data Quality in Government Services

The State of Colorado saves millions of dollars a year using Anchor Products. Find out how they do it.