Enhance Your Data for Better Business

Growing your business while retaining current clients is dependent on how well you target your communications. Whether you’re focused on B2C or B2B (or cater to both consumers and businesses) the more you know about your potential clients the greater your ability to generate leads.

When targeting consumers, data enhancement helps companies retain existing clients while continuing to grow their customer base. Organizations can enhance their consumer mailing lists with a variety of data, ensuring that potential customers receive information in a timely and efficient fashion. Several products are authorized by the United States Postal  Service to enhance mailing data, such as DSF, which contains information on whether an address is vacant, residential, business or seasonal, and also identifies if an address is a curbside mailbox or a door-slot. The RDI™ product tells you whether an address is a business or residential, information that’s especially important when shipping parcels.

Other consumer enhancements are also available, such as the capability to add missing apartment numbers, or rural route box numbers. You can also add a variety of consumer demographic data to your lists, such as age, income, occupation, or home value. Additional data makes greater segmentation possible, leading to precisely targeted and more successful marketing efforts.

Most successful B2B marketers are able to identify which companies are likely prospects and develop marketing campaigns to target them accordingly. Data enrichment can help you develop an ideal client profile by adding common elements such as titles, NAICS codes, or sales volume, and specialized data like women-owned  businesses and franchises. Increasing the data on your business lists allows you to determine what attributes are common to your current customers, then use that information to reach your target audience. And by using targeted personalized messages to key individuals, you can increase response rates and conversions.


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