Manage Mail and Reduce Costs

Increase the revenue generation of your mailing operation by maximizing postal discounts, reducing print and postage waste, eliminating returned mail, and ensuring timely delivery. Anchor has the experience and the technology to help you achieve the best results possible in your mailing operation. Our software ensures that you cut costs while maximizing the efficiency of your efforts to reach your customers.

Direct mail response rates are higher than email response rates

Direct Mail is one of the most effective tools for reaching customers. Direct mail has much higher open and conversion rates than electronic communications, and interactions that occur as a result of direct mail are more likely to result in a sale. This makes direct mail one of the most cost-effective marketing tools an organization can employ. And the return on direct mail can be increased by making your mailing operation more effective with the proper addressing validation and mail processing tools.

Direct mail has a higher rate of engagement than other forms of marketing and communication

In the United States, the USPS® allows mailers to use approved solutions for a variety of mail functions, such as validating addresses, checking a database of people who have moved, and sorting and identifying mail pieces before they have been turned over for delivery. These processes reduce the amount of work the postal service has to perform, and in return the USPS offers businesses who employ these tools discounts on the mailings they send out.  

Anchor software offers multiple USPS -approved tools for reducing postal rates. Using a system to validate and correct data elements in your mailing lists (such as ZIP™, ZIP + 4®, carrier route, delivery point, and eLOT® codes) can allow you to access significant presort discounts.

Direct mail has a huge return on investment
Additionally, costs can be reduced by validating address data and converting addresses that have been changed by local governments or municipalities and assuring accurate secondary address information. This can significantly reduce undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail. By reducing the amount of UAA in your program you save money on wasted postage and costly returns. By eliminating bad addresses from your system you also reduce costs on wasted print material and remain in compliance with USPS requirements.
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