How To Clean Up Your Customer Data By Using A Simple Address Verification And Correction API.

Processing mailing lists using a dedicated address validation system is the most common method of correcting address data, but it’s not the only method that can be used. AnchorCoder a is callable Application Programming Interface (API) that can be integrated into a variety of applications to provide postal validation solutions wherever it is needed or adds value. In addition to providing the benefits and savings of address correction, AnchorCoder can help to streamline business processes and free resources for other operations. The API can be customized to fit specific business requirements as needed.

AnchorCoder can be integrated into a multitude of applications from fat clients to thin clients, data entry, web interfaces, and even phone apps. The AnchorCoder API is used to verify and correct addresses in real time or via micro-batch processing using the United States Postal Service® (USPS) Address Information System (AIS) databases. This callable API easily integrates with most applications that run on virtually any hardware platform. Optional add-on modules instantly ensure greater mail deliverability, improved bottom-line performance, and provide valuable customer data. Optional modules include: DPV®, LACSLink®, SuiteLink®, RDI™, DSF.


Key Features

  • Address Validation
  • SOAP Option
  • Rest Option
  • USPS Address Verification, Geocoding, Return Codes, Carrier Route, USPS Delivery Point Validation, and ZIP Lookup

AnchorCoder Product Sheet