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Whether your organization uses the mail for invoices, statements, communications or marketing, MaxCASS can help you reduce the cost of mailings. MaxCASS is Anchor Software’s CASS™ Certified software for standardizing delivery addresses and updating mailing lists and customer databases with the most complete, correct, and current address information available. MaxCASS is available in two verisons. MaxCASS OS is our standard Open Systems platform. MaxCASS Plus utilizes and upgraded engine that performs the same operations as MaxCASS OS, but  at blazing speed, processing hundreds of millions of records per hour.

USPS address validation software

MaxCASS can be used for batch processing of large mailing lists, or in real-time mode for quick address lookups. By eliminating bad addresses, MaxCASS eliminates the costs of returned or UAA mail, including wasted postage, losses from excess printing, and USPS penalties.

MaxCASS also helps mailers achieve the lowest possible postage rates. The addition, validation, or correction of such data elements as the ZIP™, ZIP + 4®, carrier route, delivery point, and eLOT® codes allow mailers to submit mailings for all possible presort discount levels.

USPS address validation software

MaxMover, Anchor Software’s certified interface for the USPS NCOALink® program, can be accessed through the MaxCASS Plus system. By including MaxMover in your address correction protocol, you can perform address correction/standardization and change-of-address processing in a single pass of mailing lists.

For Information about international address validation can be found here:

Key Features

  • INTEGRATED DPV®, LACSLink®, AND SuiteLink®
CASS certified software

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CASS certified software

MaxCASS Plus Product Sheet