Manage All Of Your Unique Intelligent Mail Serial Numbers

SmartBarcode Manager is an easy-to-use, all-in-one Intelligent Mail® barcode solution that supports both the Basic- and Full-Service Options. SmartBarcode Manager allows users to create Intelligent Mail barcodes for files generated by any presort or Mail.dat® product. Intelligent Mail barcodes contain information about large mailings, allowing senders and the USPS to identify and track mail, and manage mailings to a degree that was impossible in the past.


SmartBarcode Manager has a friendly and intuitive interface, allowing you to manage your entire Intelligent Mail database through a single interface with minimal training or experience. SmartBarcode Manager also helps users manage their unique Intelligent Mail Serial Numbers within a single Mailer ID or across multiple mailings for the same Mailer ID. For more advanced users, SmartBarcode Manager allows you to perform advanced processes, including recoding and managing container and tray/sack serial numbers.

Finally, SmartBarcode Manager let’s  you save or print reports on your mailings. It also has the ability to archive all your records, allowing you to keep detailed information on past mailings for process improvement and archival efforts.

Key Features

  • Create all three types of unique Intelligent Mail Serial Numbers
  • Manage multiple Mailer IDs
  • Create a database that tracks the 45-day expiration dates for Serial Numbers
  • Manage the database through a friendly and intuitive interface
  • Print/Save reports
  • Archive expired database records
  • Code/Recode
    • Individual piece Serial Numbers
    • Container and Tray/Sack Serial Numbers
    • Container and/or Tray/Sack Serial Numbers in Mail.dat CSM files

SmartBarcode Manager Product Sheet