USPS Unique ZIP Codes

To understand the role of Unique ZIP codes within the USPS and Anchor's products

The Importance of Data Cleansing

Make sure your data is clean and accurate before it starts causing problems in your bottom line

2021 United States Postal Service Postal Price Changes

The Postal Service proposed increases to take effect Jan. 24, 2021

Keep Your Ship Steady With Anchor Software

Anchor has been steady for 25 years even through rough seas!

Direct mail marketing for COVID-19 business recovery

Coronavirus COVID-19 Resources--Direct Mail & Business Recovery 

Tips & Ideas for getting your business up to speed after COVID-19

Vanity and Prestige City Names

Vanity/Prestige City Names in the USPS® Databases and the Anchor Software Products 

The concept of a “vanity” or “prestige” city name can be a little confusing, partly because the USPS does not use those terms when describing city information within the USPS databases.


The California Consumer Privacy Act goes into effect in January 2020. How can it affect your business?