APIs and Integration

When we talk about address and data quality, most of the time we think about taking a list of contacts  and running it through some sort of system that checks the list and corrects any errors. Running large lists through software like this is known as batch processing. It’s the easiest and most common way to correct errors in your data, but it’s also a very inefficient process. 


A more efficient method of address correction is to integrate the address correction into other processes.  This can be done using technology like APIs and web services.  These call upon the address correction software only when needed or seamlessly integrate the functions of the solution into other software or systems. API stands for Application Programming Interface, and it’s basically a set of instructions that define the interactions with a specific software component. Webservices  based on SOAP and REST are specialized APIs designed to be used in online environments.

For example, you could use an API to have your CRM system access  your data quality software to validate and enhance the entry when it is opened or modified. Or if your web portal or point-of-sale system could check an address as the information is being typed in, you could ensure that the data entering your system is correct. You can employ an API to add specialized information to your systems, such as adding geolocation data or identifying tax and political boundaries.

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