Know Your Customers and Understand Needs and with 360° Customer View

A personalized and seamless experience is crucial for a successful customer journey. But in the modern business landscape, your customers interact with you across multiple touchpoints and media. Creating positive customer interactions across multiple channels results in higher customer loyalty, greater customer satisfaction, and increases cross-selling potential. 


Managing the customer journey is a solvable challenge. You collect information from a variety of touchpoints as your customers interact with you in different ways. The problem arises when you try to coordinate data collected in different ways, stored in different formats, at different locations. This leads to the formation of data silos containing outdated, duplicate, erroneous and missing information, which makes coherent and individual interaction with the customer extremely difficult.


The solution? A uniform and centralized customer data hub as the basis for all systems using customer-related data. Collecting and coordinating data across your various systems gives you an all-encompassing 360-degree view of your customers and business partners. The 360°  or single customer view is delivered through a CRM or MDM application and is critical for effective customer engagement. Developing a 360°  view means that Marketing and Sales can then develop lead and campaign management for customers across all channels.

This 360-degree view is achieved by forming a Golden Record, where all information is consolidated into a single dataset. The data hub consolidates customer data and can enrich data with additional information.  The information base for customer master data is constantly examined, cleansed, and enriched in real-time. This creates a uniform record, available in all departments and systems.

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