Manage Parcels and Packages

Retail and E-commerce businesses are dependent on parcel shipping. From advertising to processing orders to shipping to follow-up, every step in the process of fulfilling your customer’s orders is crucial. And if something goes wrong, you have an army of competitors waiting to sell your customers a similar product.

Online retailers and shippers need to build fulfillment systems that minimize the number of problems that can arise, even after the product has left their facilities and is traveling  outside their control. Strategies to eliminate waste, ensure accurate addressing, and integrating online sales data with POS systems are all crucial. Communicating with customers about delivery dates, costs, and real-time parcel tracking are also all part of a robust parcel delivery system.

There are several processes you can employ to ensure your packages and parcels arrive on time and to the right customer.

  • Use CASS certified address validation software to check address spelling and format
  • Install a real-time address validation web-service for online orders
  • Use DPV® (Delivery Point Validation) to determine if an address exists
  • Use RDI™ (Residential Delivery Indicator) to determine if an address is business or residential
  • Employ an MDM system to coordinate data between various systems
  • Provide tracking data for all packages through your web portal

Using the correct systems and software can help raise your shipping operation to the next level.



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