Eliminate the Hidden Cost of Duplicate Data

Eliminating duplicate records in customer data helps companies save money on postage, save time and money on printing, and enhances company image by preventing redundant customer communications, creating a true sense of personalized marketing.


MaxDup OS™ identifies and eliminates duplicate or redundant data easily and quickly using revolutionary pattern recognition techniques. MaxDup OS can use multiple criteria to find duplicates using household, residential, and individual data, and can even use miscellaneous data such as phone numbers, social security number, and area codes. MaxDup OS can even consolidate data from multiple records into a single survivor record. And if your records aren’t exact matches, MaxDup OS can still give you accurate deduplication using fuzzy logic and internal address standardization.


MaxDup OS is easy to use, meaning less experienced users can now get the same high-quality results available to expert users. This means you can access the cost savings and benefits of expert merge/purge processing even if you’re not an experienced data professional. MaxDup OS gives you the power to increase your bottom line with minimal effort and training.

Key Features

  • Processes company and individual names simultaneously
  • Internal address standardization of record increases the possibility of a valid match
  • Eliminates duplicates created by incorrect data entry, using fuzzy logic
  • New ReportWriter technology creates PDF reports with graphs/logos/colored text
  • Produces a cross-reference report for in-depth response analysis

MaxDup OS Product Sheet