Automate, Launch, And Monitor Jobs Based On External Events.

PilotPro is designed to provide an easy automated way to launch jobs based on external events, such as designated trigger files placed in a directory, or set “start” times, thereby freeing up valuable IT resources, and automating production environments. Automating repetitive processes streamlines production queues and makes your workflow more efficient. This leads to fewer errors, increased customer satisfaction, and higher ROI and profits.

Users can configure, process, and track multiple jobs with confidence and ease. PilotPro watches directories and can be set to launch jobs as soon as a new file or version appears. Users can monitor the progress of jobs or let them run automatically. When errors occur application can be set to automatically restart due to system failure or wait for a new trigger or intervention.

Key Features

  • Automate your repetitive processes

  • Set up jobs to run on multiple computers

  • View all active and completed jobs

  • Error handling capability


PilotPro Product Sheet