Create Extremely Powerful Programs Without The Need Of Learning An Extensive Script Language.

DataDialog is an all-purpose software scripting product developed to easily create complex file processes without the traditional programming knowledge needed to manipulate large amounts of data at millions of records per hour.

It's a Language...

All the ingredients of a traditional programming tool: move, copy, math, if/then/else, sub-processing, I/O, and logic loops, etc.

Easy, English-like syntax

Commands designed for typical data hygiene and data manipulation tasks

...With Its Own Tutor...

Every command is fully explained interactively

Every command can be constructed via an easy-to-follow wizard

Click on the command(s) and fill in the blanks

Intelligent Scripting Tool

Powerful batch processor

Can launch any application (not just those in the Anchor suite) that runs from an executable.

Test each run’s success or failure or run’s statistics to ensure data quality to meet necessary quality control guidelines.

Send e-mail notifications or messages to your cell phone during or at the completion of a batch run.

Launch a long run as you go home at day’s end, get updates when and how you want to, and make sure it’s completed properly and on time by the next morning.

...And Powerful Macros

Pre-defined commands to make complex processing easier.

Macros to manipulate groups of records, parse fields, dedup, match on condition, Nth selects, trig functions, check digits, longitude and latitude calculations, etc.

Create, save and reuse your own macros.

DataDialog can be combined with PilotPro to create powerful automated workflows and processes. Set PilotPro to watch for the arrival of an input file or trigger, and then launch the program or a batch process.


Data Dialog Product Sheet