USPS Presort software

Achieve the largest postal discounts possible with MaxPresort OS

Service bureaus and end-users all over North America employ MaxPresort OS to take advantage of tremendous postage discounts for presorting mail.

If your organization is planning a direct marketing campaign, or your business is servicing others who mail, MaxPresort OS can help you take advantage of the tremendous postage discounts offered by the USPS for presorting your mail to the finest level. MaxPresort OS presorts all types of mail, whether you’re producing letters, flats, marketing, or machinable parcels MaxPresort OS gives you access to USPS discounts. You can use MaxPresort OS with all USPS Mail classes (First-Class Mail, Marketing Mail, and Package Services) and can presort mail to all the allowable levels (walk sequence and high-density saturation, carrier route, enhanced line-of-travel, 3-digit, and 5-digit presort with their associated schemes)

USPS Presort software
MaxPresort OS is a Presort Accuracy and Validation Evaluation™ (PAVE) Gold-certified* software solution. It is available as a stand-alone product or as part of Anchor Software’s award-winning SBS suite of products. It is easy to use and maintain and supports quick implementation of Postal Service regulations, saving you time and money by eliminating costly downtime.

MaxPresort OS supports of all levels of palletization, thereby allowing mailers additional in-house labor savings. Depending on the type of mail you process and any mail shop-specific requirements, it can palletize or co-palletize bundles, sacks, and trays. It also has the ability to control individual pallet sizes.

MaxPresort OS is Manifest Analysis and Certification (MAC) Batch-certified for all USPS-tested presorts and reports. First-Class mailers employ MaxPresort OS for their multiple-piece weight mailings such as invoices and statements.

MaxPresort OS can be combined with other Anchor Software products for address correction and standardization, MOVE update processing and duplicate elimination, provides for an easily justified return-on-investment. MaxPresort OS supports the creation of the Intelligent Mail® barcodes for use with both the Basic and Full-Service Options including the Intelligent Mail Tray Label and Intelligent Mail Container Label.

Key Features

  • Intelligent Mail
  • Palletization option
  • Manifest Mailing system Option
  • USPS and Industry Initiatives
Postal Processing

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