What Is a High-Value Source of Growth and How Do You Identify it?

Marketing today is more complex than ever. The proof is in the pudding as extracted insights from data have demonstrated far superior sales and marketing strategies.

What’s more, omnichannel marketing and customer journey research has made it so that potential customers are targeted in far more natural and organic ways.

Many companies rely on some form of segmentation tools to gauge customer interest and interaction, as well as a way of bringing new eyes to their offering.

So what is omnichannel marketing, and how can your business extract insights from data to bring about high-value growth.

What Is Omnichannel Marketing?

One of the biggest challenges with marketing is how to keep hold of a potential customer’s interest once it has been won. Companies strive to fill gaps through multichannel marketing – where customers and prospects can be reached across various platforms.

But working across different platforms, largely leveraging the power of social media, can create gaps in consistency and messaging.

Omnichannel marketing is the upgrade to multichannel in that it puts together all of the components of your marketing strategy so that they can work seamlessly together. This creates a fully integrated experience on the part of customers without leaving anything up to chance for your business.

How to Use Marketing To Increase Growth

But how can businesses adopt an omnichannel marketing strategy? Ultimately it comes down to extracting insights from data, and putting together plans for how to generate insights moving forward.

Moreover, so many businesses are working with incomplete or inaccurate data sets, which are bound to set their strategies off on the wrong foot, and unfortunately, ultimately end up in failure.

Here are a few ways of guaranteeing a strong foundation of accurate data.

  • Clean up Data: At the very minimum, businesses need to be certain that they are working with accurate data sets before embarking on a marketing campaign. If data sets are inaccurate, even the best marketing strategies can leave a company looking amateurish.
  • Personalizing: Personalized marketing comes down to quality mail merging and ensuring the right name is attached to a flier. This can be an onerous process, but with the right information (thanks to data cleansing), direct mail marketing is a powerful tool.
  • Follow the Customer Journey: Finally, by understanding your customers’ journey with 360 degree single customer view, businesses can truly develop positive customer interactions across multiple platforms for omnichannel marketing.

The best place to get started on your business’s next strategic plan or marketing strategy is to contact Anchor Software. There, you can get technological insights and professional expertise that will level up your data quality and bring your marketing campaign into the big leagues.



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