How Direct Mail Data Processing Saves Time and Money

Data processing is an integral component of direct mail marketing campaigns. Data processing for direct mail requires powerful and specialized software that can validate and/or correct the recipient’s address information, identify and eliminate duplicate names and addresses, and sort the mail for more efficient postal delivery and postage savings.

Some companies realize the importance of direct mail data processing and choose to bring on an employee specialized in this area to oversee all related responsibilities.

However, other businesses opt to try and go it alone because the cost of bringing on a new employee versus the quantity of direct mail they produce is too high.

For these businesses, it is still essential to access direct mail data processing services for several reasons; and there are companies out there - like Anchor Software - that can offer the software to get the job done right.

This article will address some of the ways in which direct mail data processing will save businesses time and money.

Eliminate Duplicates

One of the worst mistakes to make in a marketing campaign is to spam a potential customer into a place of irritation. This can happen when a recipient is included in the mailing twice - or sometimes more.

It can be easy to miss duplicates, especially when names can be spelled differently and addresses can change.

Sometimes there can also be multiple names for one address, and it may not be ideal to send the same advertisement to several people in the same household.

Good software can eliminate these duplicates.

Identify Opt-Outs, Exclusions, and Deceased Addressees

Different areas will have regulatory bodies that administer lists of unsolicited mail opt-outs. These lists, which you can learn about at, are of folks who have signed up to no longer receive unsolicited mail, and it would be a bad idea to go against their wishes inadvertently.

Direct mail data processing can cross-check your mailing list with other lists, including opt-out lists and current customer or member lists. There are also numerous other lists that can be used as “suppression” lists (i.e., deceased lists, jail/prison lists, etc.) so that mail is not being sent to individuals found on those lists.

Improve Data Quality

Incomplete or incorrectly addressed mail (including mail that is addressed to a recipient’s former home) will be a waste as it will be returned or thrown away. Not to mention the soft and hard dollars lost on the physical components of the mailpiece, the labor involved in preparing the mail and the money spent on postage.

Direct mail data processors can fix 20-40% of addresses by comparing it against the Postal Service’s complete address and change-of-address databases and making corrections.

Anchor Software offers direct mailing data processing software for US and international mail marketing campaigns. Reach out today to find out more about how we can upgrade your mailings.


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