What is USPS Connect, and What Does it Mean for Your Business?

What is USPS Connect, and What Does it Mean for Your Business?

Just two years ago, the US Postal Service was struggling to stay afloat financially. But now, it has developed a Delivering for America plan to achieve financial stability and sustainability.

The Delivering for America plan looks ten years ahead and addresses some of the numerous challenges that have arisen for the postal service over the years, including:

  • Shift from mail to packages
  • Misaligned mail and package processing
  • Underperforming transportation networks
  • Unattainable top-tier services
  • Underinvestment in the retail delivery network
  • Internal organizational structure
  • High staff turnover rates
  • Overdue pricing changes
  • Legislative and administrative holdups

The USPS seeks to address all of these challenges over the next ten years with over $40 billion in investments and 11 transformational goals.
One such transformation will be the rollout of USPS Connect.


USPS and the New Delivery Options

UPSP Connect is the answer to what all businesses have been asking for from the USPS: affordable, fast delivery with options for next-day delivery. The USPS offers four delivery options based on traveling distance.

By fully leveraging their network and capacity to increase their shipment volumes, the USPS is hoping to offer delivery service with enhanced operational precision. To do this, the federal agency will be applying ongoing network improvements; they will be sourcing new equipment, and their pricing structure will also be updated.

The new options include:

USPS Connect Local: For local mail, people can expect same-day or next-day delivery, sometimes even within hours. The service is available six days a week and even comes with a Sunday delivery option. The USPS is committed to offering competitive pricing on these services to offer cost-effective shipping and even a free package pick-up service available to businesses, and the same for customers making returns. This service has already been launched in certain locations.

USPS Connect Regional: Next-day regional delivery is available for certain package weights. Businesses are encouraged to speak to the USPS about the options that will be best for them, but packages will be delivered the next day within a region.

USPS Connect National: National businesses need reliable delivery solutions. With USPS Connect, new equipment, and improved delivery networks, retail and businesses can comfortably rely on a number of delivery options.

The Direct Mail Solution

Now, the only thing left is to improve your in-house direct mail processes with the best: Anchor Software. The Anchor Software solution provides cost savings, improved data, and higher open and conversion rates for your products.

For a USPS-approved direct mail solution, reach out to Anchor Software.

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