The Benefits of Address Deduplication

Deduplication, also known as mail merging or purging, comes down to cleaning up your business. Sometimes it is also referred to as “dedup” for short.

Whether your business has been collecting data for a long or short time, there will be a buildup of erroneous and duplicated data.

Because data is all essentially invisible, it can seem as though having excess and inaccurate data is not a big problem, but it can actually amount to major costs. A Gartner study found that poor data quality impacts businesses by an average of $15 million per year.

The costs are especially frightening when one considers that 25-30% of every company’s data becomes erroneous annually. This means that the problem will even compound over time.

The upshot is that there are plenty of data cleansing or deduplication resources.



How Does Data Deduplication Work?

Data deduplication is a process that involves software that can work through data sets to identify inaccurate, duplicate, or incomplete data sets.

For instance, when it comes to addresses, data deduplication software detects instances where the address does not exist, where there are duplicates (multiple names with the same address), or where the addressee is no longer a client or subscribed to the services.

Data deduplication software runs in the backend, behind regular processes. The result is the elimination or flagging of flawed data and a dramatic reduction in storage.

There are numerous benefits to running data deduplication regularly, including cost savings, better data retention, better software performance, and fewer errors.


Requires Less Storage Capacity

A study from Raconteur recently predicted that up to 463 exabytes of data will be created daily by 2025.

This results in massive data build-up that is compounding daily. It goes without saying that the storage implications for this amount of data are massive. This results in higher costs paying for storing data, much of which is completely useless. 


Better Data Retention

When systems are overloaded, there is more opportunity for data corruption. However, there are some data sets that every company must retain, whether for legal or other reasons.

Regular data deduplication can help to protect important data and keep it uncorrupted for longer.


Better Performance

Many companies rely on the ability for data to be transferred or located quickly. With less data traffic, systems will run more optimally. This is because there is more bandwidth for the important functions, as opposed to the bandwidth being expended on maintaining unnecessary sets.


Fewer Errors

Finally, if your company’s data is automated in any way, working with faulty data will inevitably lead to errors. Errors in any business are costly and wasteful.

So, get the most out of your data and storage systems with data deduplication. At Anchor Computer Software, we specialize in data cleansing, deduplication, and maintaining data quality. Give us a call to find out how we can work with you.


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