Get Ready for Holiday Mailings by Checking Your Lists Twice

Right before the holidays, businesses make a big push to increase their marketing and advertising to increase sales, profits, brand recognition, and awareness.

The most important season of the year for the retail economy is the time from Black Friday to Christmas, when stores can count on bringing in about 30% of their annual revenue in just one month.

However, those sales can be counted out entirely if the corresponding companies are ineffective with their marketing. Ineffective marketing occurs when the material doesn’t reach the target, when the message is mismatched with the customer, when the correspondence seems disorganized or unprofessional or when it misses the mark entirely. In fact, there are many ways how a marketing campaign can fail.

To ensure your company’s seasonal marketing is efficient and effective, consider looking into address deduplication.


What is Address Deduplication?

Address deduplication is a process in which software combes your customer information data and identifies redundant records (multiples of the same address).

Addresses can be duplicated in your system by clients re-entering information incorrectly when they move and because of software bugs.

Deduplication eliminates redundant records quickly and easily by searching data and cross-checking against other relevant data like phone numbers, social security numbers, and area codes to ensure that every record is complete and unique.


The Hidden Costs of Duplication

Attempting to run a marketing campaign without address validation and deduplication can incur extra costs. Depending on the type of campaign you’re running, these costs can range from small to huge.

Deduplication can eliminate incorrect data, create internal standardization, and simultaneously process company and individual names. The whole process is completed using software, so no manpower needs to be rerouted for such a time-consuming task.

Working with incorrect data sets for your marketing campaign can result in embarrassing mistakes that make your business look unprofessional, thereby tarnishing your reputation.


How to Avoid Redundant Data


Cleaning up company data sets will result in postage, printing, and time savings. Moreover, it will save your company from losing the trust of your customers, who sometimes don’t need much to land on one side of the fence instead of the other.


If you’re strategizing a mail marketing campaign for the upcoming holiday season, why not do it right the first time? Contact Anchor Software today to find out how we can help.



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