Year after year, direct mail marketing proves itself as the most reliable and effective form of targeted marketing.

In fact, USPS found that direct mail marketing revenue has increased, with stronger rebounding expected as society returns to fully post-pandemic levels.

However, the one big battle businesses will have to wage is the impending war against inflation. Costs will need to be cut to continue on with business as usual. For this reason, direct mail marketing may seem less advantageous due to the cost of paper, printing, ink, postage and so forth.

Businesses can still reap the benefits of direct mail marketing by using technology to enhance precision.

Leverage Accuracy-Improving Technological Enhancements

There is nothing worse than missing the mark entirely with marketing. With direct mail, this can take on a literal meaning, and it happens when mail doesn’t go to the intended target, has the wrong name or address, or when it is sent to the same address in duplicate or worse.

There are a few strong options for ensuring your direct mail marketing campaign is more accurate. The best route planning technology uses geocoding and reverses geocoding, which improves logistics and saves on shipping.

Poor quality data like incorrect addresses already costs American businesses in a big way every year. Regular data cleansing can help ensure your message is going exactly where it was intended to go.


Streamline Your Target Audience

Every door direct mail is not always the best way to go. With strong data, planning your direct mail marketing campaign based on evidence and reason instead of just a stab in the dark.

The first step for collecting data is to ensure the data you already have is accurate. This process requires deduplication technology. You might also consider working with USPS’s National Change of Address database (NCOA) and even consider leveraging geocoding to plot out more intentional mailouts.

Pitfalls to Look Out For

For direct mail marketing, there are three main factors to consider:

  • Data Accuracy
  • Frequency of Campaigns
  • Budgets

Whether you're sending an advertisement or an invoice, Anchor Software can show you how to deliver your message or package to the right address in the most effective and cost-efficient way possible.


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