Shaping Your Marketing Practices with Data Insights

 Today as many as 87% of marketers say that data is their most under-utilized asset. This is because those that do work with data-driven strategies have 5-8 times the ROI.

But of course, the lynchpin to extracting insights from data and creating effective omnichannel marketing is starting with a foundation of high-quality data.  If your data is no good, then wondering how to generate insights from data will be a moot point.

So how can companies leverage quality data to shape their marketing practices?

How to Implement Omni Channel Marketing for Your Buyer’s Journey?

For a quick primer, the buyer’s journey is the process by which a buyer realizes they have a problem that needs solving, finds your company or service, and then makes the decision to purchase your solution.

Omni channel marketing is the radical innovation strategy of reaching out to potential customers through multiple means so that when an issue comes up that your product or service can solve, you will be front of mind.

How Can Data Insights Revitalize Your Marketing Strategy?

The question remains, how can you use the data being collected to generate insights that will lead to more interaction and higher sales?

  • Create Personalized Communications: Whether you are working with direct or electronic mail, personalized communications can have a dramatic effect on sales and response rates. It also should be stated that personalized direct mail has a response rate of 4% compared to 0.12% for email. Tools like Variable Data Printing (VDP) and other technologies of this kind can be the fuel injector for a marketing campaign.
  • Build Targeted Marketing Campaigns: For a successful customer journey, a seamless and personalized experience is a must. We know that a positive and personalized customer experience can lead to higher customer loyalty, greater customer satisfaction, and increased cross-selling potential. This is only possible through the collection of data at multiple touchpoints along the buyer’s journey. But your information is only as good as the data you collect, and without a radical innovation strategy, you may be working with data that will not work for you.

Anchor Software can help you to personalize communications with your customers, develop targeted marketing campaigns, and increase your return on all of your marketing activities.



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