Mail and the Millenial

Millennials comprise a huge generation. And recently, they’ve outpaced the Baby Boomers in terms of sheer number. The younger half of this generation grew up amidst the explosion of social media and probably don’t remember a time before the internet. Millennials have spent a large part of their lives going to school, applying for jobs, socializing, paying their bills, and shopping - all online. They are used to it. Used to scanning the usual websites, through the news and their emails, looking for the choicest things to digest. Let’s face it: because of this long history of tailoring what they want to see online, they most likely have sophisticated spam filters set up on their email accounts. 

That is why letter-writing, or direct mail, is such an untapped market. It is an old tradition that’s become new again. 

“Snail mail” comes less often than digital mail, and therefore is seen, psychologically, as more “special”. A 2019 study by the USPS showed that 62% of millennials had visited a store in the previous month to make a purchase after receiving information about that product in the mail. (Ah, remember life before the pandemic?) 

It seems that in their hands, direct mail is opened more frequently than email, and you can use that fact to your advantage. 

If you want to tailor a marketing strategy of your product towards millennials, it would be wise to consider a few things: first, you should spend some time on the presentation. Customizing your mail pieces will help increase customer engagement with your product. 

Beyond “opening the door”, also known as “getting your customer to open the envelope”, you can also include social media incentives, such as QR codes for discounts off your services or links to further promotion. Being creative and personalizing your advertisements - down to the smallest details, like choosing the most comforting font and type of paper — all of this matters and will pay dividends in the short and long term. You should be able to see your investment reflected in your ROI almost instantly. 

At Anchor Software we can help you with every step of your direct marketing campaign, from document design to address hygiene and geocoding, from sorting, printing and tracking your mail to storing your applicable data and analyzing it for you. We have a team of experts who will work through any and all questions you may have about our products and services. We’re waiting for your call. 




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