The Importance of Direct Mail Marketing

The Importance of Direct Mail Marketing

There is something about getting a letter in the mail, isn’t there? You take a moment to appreciate that someone thought of you enough to take the time and effort required to put pen to paper, put that piece of paper or card in an envelope, fix a stamp on it, and send it through the mail. When an email can be composed and delivered as fast as fingers can type, there is something thoughtful and wonderfully analog about receiving correspondence in your mailbox.


That same good feeling applies to direct mail marketing. While over 29 billion emails were sent in 2019, in 2020, the email-open rate fell from approximately 24% to 21.3%. That means that more emails are getting sent, but fewer are being opened.


At the same time, a marketing campaign delivered by mail has a much better rate of engagement. The tactile psychological impact of receiving a letter cannot be understated, and because of that, customers are more likely to open those envelopes and more likely to read their contents.


That tangibility translates into hard gains. According to data analysis, the ROI median return on direct mail marketing is just under 30%. That means your ad campaign works on several levels: customers sort through their delivered mail sooner, they open what they’ve sorted, and they act on those calls to action.

Yes - email marketing may be less expensive, but direct mail has a much more significant long-term impact on your company’s bottom line. However, you can’t just send someone a piece of paper in an envelope; you have to craft your piece and your message with care to catch their eye and prove that your service has intangible value. And, you have to make sure it gets to the person you crafted that message for.

That’s where Anchor Software comes in. We are the experts in address quality and can cross-check your mailings against the latest data available from the USPS to ensure your addresses are the most accurate they can be. We provide postal sorting technology allowing you to save money on postage and handling of the physical mail.  And we have powerful printing solutions that let you create those engaging pieces with your important messages.

On top of our sorting and printing solutions, Anchor provides Snailworks Mail Tracking: a service to help you keep track of what’s been mailed, where it is in the USPS system and when it gets delivered. That information can help you create a powerful multi-channel marketing effort by allowing you to send a corresponding follow-up email after your direct mail has been delivered.

Let’s get your message delivered efficiently and effectively. Reach out to us today.


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