USPS and The Price Change: Everything You Need to Know

The United Services Postal Service (USPS) had announced their new competitive prices for the upcoming year. They have also announced two new mail products that will be available from 2022 onwards.

The USPS is known for its affordable prices, and it offers some of the lowest rates for the postage of letters and small deliveries. However, the new year is being welcomed alongside some prices changes in the USPS.

This price change isn’t to be confused with the recent temporary changes for the holiday season or the changes brought into place in early 2020. They are, instead, part of their 10-year plan to ‘achieve sustainability and service excellence,’ and are expected to be permanent.

This 10-year plan, named Delivering For America, plans to help the USPS overhaul huge debts. The Postal Service has accumulated a total of $87 billion in financial losses over the last 14 years. They hope that this 10-year plan to change their infrastructure will answer regaining financial balance.

Another change to expect in the upcoming year is slower service. The new service standards state that customers should expect delivery times around 30% longer than usual, especially for first-class mail.

So, the usual two to three-day delivery time is now expected to be around five days. And that’s for letters, magazines, small parcels, and large parcels.

The USPS price changes are set to effect on the 9th of January 2022. The approved prices will mean an increase in shipping costs for customers across America.

The price increase is about 3.1% for mailing services, but AW is subject to change according to the market conditions. The USPS aims to keep its prices competitive while tackling substantial financial losses.

Here is a breakdown of the USPS price changes to know what to expect when you head to the post office in 2022.

  • Small Flat-Rate Box: an increase by one dollar from $8.45 to $9.45
  • Medium Flat-Rate Box: an increase from $15.50 to $16.10
  • Large Flat-Rate Box: a decrease from $21.90 to $21.50
  • Regular Flat-Rate Envelope: a one-dollar increase from $7.95 to $8.95
  • Legal Flat-Rate Envelope: a one-dollar increase to $9.25
  • Padded Flat-Rate Envelope: an increase from $8.55 to $9.65
  • APO/FPO Large Flat-Rate Box: a slight decrease from $20.40 to $20.00

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