Address Validation vs. Address Verification

One of the most important parts of any mail marketing campaign is ensuring there is a good database of addresses. For a successful mailing campaign, the addresses should both be correct and accurate. Direct mail campaigns fail because the sender did not have accurate addresses, had too many duplicates, or the information was not reaching the right audiences.

This comes down to the difference between address validation and address verification. 

Validation vs. Verification

Address Validation is the process of checking an address and ensuring that it exists. This doesn’t mean that an address is real, just that the address fits the format used by the postal service and are on an existing street or postal route.

Just because an address exists doesn’t mean that it is real.  Some addresses may be possible addresses in that they are formatted correctly, they may be on an existing street, but they may not exist as a deliverable address. For example, empty lots or lots that have had a building torn down are valid but cannot be delivered to. Or residential lots where the homeowner buys multiple lots but only builds on one--only one could be validated because the second lot has been combined with the first and has no physical address. Or an address may exist but have no occupants or have no need to receive mail.

Address Verification goes beyond simply checking whether an address exists. During verification, the information in the database is continuously updated and corrected. The data is parsed to make sure it is in the correct format, spelling is checked and corrected, missing data is added, and then compared to an authoritative source to determine whether mail can be delivered to the address.

By comparing the address to an authoritative database, like those provided by the US Postal Service or Canada Post, mailers know that their mail can be delivered to an actual address and is not going to a nonexistent or undeliverable address..

Software Solutions

Anchor Software has several software solutions to help with address validation and verification. AddressPro is a thorough and robust address cleansing technology. AddressPro is a highly scalable web service that provides accurate address information to help organizations better communicate with customers, prospects, employees, constituents, and partners. MaxCASS OS is an onsite solution that corrects and validates addresses, and can be upgraded with National Change of Address and presort capabilities.

AddressPro and MAxCASS OS offer several features, including:

  • Geocoding
  • Return codes
  • Carrier Routes
  • ZIP Lookup
  • USPS Delivery Point Validation
  • USPS Address Verification

These services are available through the cloud and are sure to increase reliability, cost-effectiveness, scalability, performance, and security for a more successful and accurate mail marketing campaign.

If you are interested in learning more about Anchor Computer Software products for direct mail marketing, data quality, customer communications, API integration, automation, and more, please do not hesitate to reach out. We are always happy to hear from you.



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