Use NCOALink to Save Costs for Your Direct Mail Campaign


It’s no secret that direct mail is still the best way of marketing, with higher open and response rates than any other form of marketing.

The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) found that direct mail response rates are 10-30 times higher than response rates to digital marketing.

However, one of the biggest errors in a direct mail marketing campaign is working with incorrect mailing data. Despite the fact that software solutions are available, 7 billion pieces of mail are still undeliverable each year, and this unnecessarily costs both the USPS and businesses.

This is why USPS has been working with software companies to provide NCOALink.


What is NCOALink?

NCOA Link (National Change of Address) provides access to over 160 million records of permanent address changes that are filed with USPS.

This provides a 3-15% improvement in deliveries so that your costs are lowered, and you will have more successful deliveries.

With these services, there is less undeliverable mail, fewer re-mailing and returned mail, faster marketing, and increased security.


How Does NCOALink Work?

NCOALink is an extremely secure dataset that is constructed using all of the names and addresses of individuals, families, and businesses that have filed a change-of-address form.

To use NCOALink, you need only purchase a license or work with a full-service software provider to take up the programming aspects.

The marketing file is encrypted and securely uploaded, then processed through the NCOALink USPS secure facility. Working with Anchor Software, all steps are adhered to the guidelines set forth by the Direct Marketing Association, so all information is kept with the utmost privacy and security.


How will NCOALink Save You Money?

Faulty addresses are one of the commonly erroneous data sets that cost businesses an average of 30% of their annual revenue.

In large data sets, addresses often go unnoticed and are stored as duplicates; they are incomplete, addresses and names are mismatched and/or the addresses are no longer up-to-date. Not only is this costly in terms of storage, but it leads to a lot of wasted effort when mail marketing does not reach its intended target.

Anchor Software is an NCOALink Full Service Provider, and our staff has expert programming skills to ensure your mailing lists are USPS compliant. If you want to learn more about NCOALink or any other direct mail software we offer, reach out anytime.


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