Why SAP Users Need Duplicate Elimination Plugins

Many companies around the world use SAP (System Analysis Program Development) for their enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. In fact, 77% of the transactions happening worldwide interact with an SAP system at some point.

But an SAP system works only as well as its data, and poor data quality is why 40% of business initiatives fail.


How Does SAP Allow for Better Data Management?

SAP software is used to centralize company data and its data management. Traditionally, data is siloed within the business department that creates and utilizes this data. Then if data needs to be shared across departments, this is done through a process of duplication, which is prone to errors and costly as well.

SAP solves these concerns with a centralized data management system. This allows for more controlled, convenient, and effective data management across departments, and this becomes especially convenient when it comes to international satellite offices and departments.

Why Is Duplicate Elimination so Important?

When data quality is poor, you aren’t getting the most out of SAP’s unparalleled benefits. This is why regular duplicate elimination and data cleansing is so important, and a number of improvements will be gained in doing so.


You, Will, Need Less Storage Capacity

Whether for compliance purposes or regular operations, data must be stored long-term. This requires huge amounts of costly space and data build compounding daily. So much so that some reports estimate that by 2025, companies will be creating 463 exabytes of data daily.

When duplicates and faulty data are eliminated, this clears up a massive amount of space, resulting in massive savings for your bottom line.

You, Will, See Better Performance and Data Retention

When data storage systems are overloaded, they simply do not work as well. You can buy more storage or sort through the existing data to pull out the unnecessary mess.

Overloaded data storage often results in data corruption and sub-optimal retrieval and fetch times.


There Will Be Fewer Errors

Ultimately the reality is that if your systems have the possibility of working with faulty data, then there will be errors, and it is inevitable. Why tempt fate by keeping incorrect data sets around to slow down processes or make a client-facing mistake?

At Anchor Software, we create data deduplication and data cleansing plugins to work alongside your SAP, and ensure that your system isn’t lugging around a bunch of dead weight. If you are interested in finding out more about how we can help to optimize your data usage, reach out anytime.



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