Postal Service Reform Act of 2022

The Postal Service Reform Act of 2022 was passed by Congress and is designed to help the USPS achieve fiscal sustainability for the future

USPS Connect, a new Program for Affordable Next-Day Delivery Options for Businesses

USPS Connect—the Program that Offers New, Affordable Package and Document Next-Day Delivery Options for Businesses 

The Future of Mail Services and the Postal Sector

The Postal sector is changing, and the USPS has a 10 year plan to address those changes

USPS and The Price Change: Everything You Need to Know

January 2022 Postal Price Increase.

Marketing Using Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing let's you personalize your marketing message to increase engagement with your customers and prospects

Bad Data Can Hurt Customer Relationships

Keeping dirty or incorrect data in your customer files can hurt your business in multiple ways

Using Dimensional Mail in Marketing

RDimensional mail is an effective, eye-catching boost to your marketing and communications efforts

Why Do I Get ‘Undeliverable as Addressed’ or ‘Unable to Forward Mail’?

Returned mail can be a problem, especially if you send out large volumes

The Importance of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail is one of the most effective tools you can use in your marketing efforts

The Guide to Holiday Marketing for Shippers

UsDo you ship products to customers? The holiday season is probably big for you. Prepare now and do it right!

Mail and the Millenial

Millenials are more engaged with direct (snail) mail than most expect. 

The Benefits of Using Multi-Channel Marketing

Using more than one channel to deliver your marketing message can multiply your results